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Ashlee Mccartney

Strength Coach

Women's Wellness Expert

Bracknell Personal trainer, womens health trainer

Hey there, lovely!

Are you ready to kickstart an amazing journey to a healthier, stronger, and more confident you? You're in the right place!

I'm Ashlee, your personal trainer and wellness cheerleader, and I'm here to empower women just like you to achieve your fitness goals while nurturing self-love.

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My Services

At Ashlee McCartney's PT & Wellness Hub, we believe that wellness is a journey of body, mind, and soul.

We're all about the power of
strength training and self-love to create a balanced transformation that not only makes you look good but also leaves you feeling incredible inside.

A online fitness, wellness and community hub.

The Sweat and Self Love CLub

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Tribe Vibe


G. Powell

Ashlee is an outstanding instructor and an incredible motivator with infectious energy! She’s passionate, knowledgeable and really cares about her clients. Every class is full of high energy and Ashlee always provides different variations so everyone can work at their own level - even though you’ll want to give her maximum effort! Since working with Ashlee I’ve seen huge improvements in my fitness and mobility and love being part of the strong community she has built and continues to build.


A. Abrahams

Ashlee will forever bring a dose of sunshine to your day. Not only is she a fantastic instructor but goes the step beyond to remind you of the health benefits of exercise both physically and mentally.

It's not just about burning those extra calories she invites you to lead the best life you possibly can by unlocking those endorphins.

Ashlee you truly are incredible thank you for your consistent support.


M. Ellen

This rocket doesn't just put you through your paces, she's encouraging, motivating and empowering!
She explains exactly why we're doing exercises, what area it's targeting and what your body is doing which is super helpful! She explains all the techniques in detail which is something I often struggle with, especially when I'm running low on energy! She's always available for advice and helps me to establish lifestyle changes over fad diets.
Really enjoy working out with Ashlee she doesn't let me give up and is so positive! 

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