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Meet Ashlee

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Hello, Beautiful People

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a 28-year-old personal trainer, wellness coach, and pug mum based in Berkshire.

Health, fitness and community are my passions. By following these passions, I have helped hundreds of clients both online and face to face discover their happiest and healthiest lives.

I have been a fitness professional for over 5 years, connecting with clients through group exercise and on a 1-1 basis.


My journey into wellness began at the age of 25 when I became a carer to my lovely mumma, who sadly was diagnosed with a very rare and fast-acting form of dementia. It was a very painful and emotional time in my life. A time where exercise became my therapy, it saved me in so many ways. It went from being something that I did for aesthetics or to punish myself for something I ate, to something that soothed my soul in times of struggle and helped quiet my mind in the height of anxiety. I learned that by prioritising my own wellbeing, meant that I could give more to the people I love. 

Now, I dedicate my life to teaching people how to love themselves, from the inside out because it's very hard to take care of a body that you don't love. 

When I am not in the gym or connecting with clients, I can be found on a long walk with my fur babies, surfing at the beach or having dinner and drinks with friends. 

Three things I believe in; community, human connection and YOU.

If you’re reading this, let's get connected and start this journey together; I cannot wait to meet you!

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